How to Use an Event to Drive in New Customers

The primary goal of an event marketing campaign is to drive in sales. In fact, it is common for an event management company in Singapore and in other parts of globe to have brands as their biggest clients, mainly because business owners see events to be useful in selling their products and services.

But how exactly do you use an event to boost business performance, especially in terms of driving in new customers? If you are keen to use an event to gain new customers and drive in sales for your brand, then here are some notable takeaways from the perspective of event management companies in Singapore:

Use the magic word “exclusive.”

In consumer psychology, people are immediately attracted to advertisements that offer not just the product itself, but the exclusivity that comes with it. It’s because they feel cool, superior, and elite when they have this “exclusive” item on their hands.

The same can be said in events marketing. When using an event to market your brand, you are able to attract more attendees when you project it with exclusive perks. These include an “event only” discount, freebie, or guesting of a popular celebrity.


Through this approach, you use the event to create a picture of urgency that your target audience cannot afford to miss out on, and in return you not only reap more sales, but also meet new customers.

Offer a branded giveaway.

While discounts are a good reason for people to go to your event, they are also looking forward to bring home some loot. You can address this expectation and even exceed it by handing out a branded promotional item to those who come to your event. In return, they not only try your giveaway, but they will also brag about it to their friends and on social media.

These attendees not only become new leads for your business; they instantly become your brand endorsers too, especially when they post pictures of the loot that they got and mention your brand on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts for their networks to see.

Make your attendees experience your brand and business.

Why do people go to concerts? Indeed, they can watch their favourite band perform on TV, but they make the effort to see them perform in the flesh. This is because concertgoers are after the experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling the band play their songs live.

Experience is the greatest takeaway in any event. As a brand, you have to utilize this to gain a bigger and stronger following. Just take for example how the German beer brand Erdinger promoted its signature beer flavours to Singapore customers back in 2016. The brand took advantage of the popular Oktoberfest, and launched events in different locations across the country, where attendees can get a taste of their famous beers, and as well sample Erdinger’s exclusive “Oktoberfest Brew”. In addition, the event also featured the first-ever “BARcycle,” which gave people the more reason to attend and try it out.

So, are you ready to host an event to increase your brand’s customer base?


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