7 Compelling Reasons to Use Chatbot Customer Service

Before discussing what these little bots are capable of under the chatbot customer service, here is a definition of what they actually are. A chatbot is a program or software that has the capability to converse with customers through a live chat interface. This interface takes place in the respective brand’s website or applications. There are other platforms like Skype, Slack, Alexa, Facebook Messenger and Siri where the chatbots have already started working. They solve customer problems using keywords based solutions. These keywords will track back the bots to a library of previously answered questions and a database of relevant information.

Here are a few ways a chatbot can significantly improve the customer experience for your company.

  1. Unbroken Live Chat

The customers can seamlessly engage with a chatbot. Just like having a conversation with a human customer support employee but with a break-free session. Since all the chatbots use ordinary language processing procedures, they have the ability to analyse the customer’s queries and deliver an apt response. This will help them meet the customer’s solution or needs. These chatbots are basically seamlessly integrated into the brand’s webpage or mobile apps. This feature saves time and avoids the customers to look all over the website to simply reach out through a phone call or an email.  Instead, they will get the immediate answers they need, seamlessly.

  1. Customer Service 24/7

Any company’s employees compulsorily need time off. Be it at any time of the day of any month of the year, it is highly impossible to expect all your company’s employees to be up and working round the clock. On the other hand, your chatbots customer service can easily fill in for them at any time of the day for however long you want them to. They do not get tired or frustrated about it either! With the combination of both human and chatbot interaction, your customer support team is literally unbeatable. Another best part is that these clever chatbots can offer the customer an assuring feeling of a life-like conversation, which will add a personal touch.


  1. Infinite Queries Yet High Efficiency

Even though these chatbots are programmed with algorithms to mimic human intelligence, they have been continuously advanced around the concept of letting the computers perform the various tasks they were initially built to do. These tasks include handling dull or monotonous tasks, database searches and calculations. A great mind in developing chatbots –  David Cancel, mentions that the chatbots are not just made to have good conversations but provide the best solutions with the least steps.

  1. A Better Journey from the Beginning Till the End

To simplify and smoothen the experience of shopping from the beginning of the purchase to the end like checkout or return, these chatbots have tremendous experience. So, it’s not just solving a customer’s return or product-related issues anymore. The chatbots have the ability to solve advanced product-related issues and have the ability to provide relevant posts or videos from the internet as well. What’s better is that they can even provide certain allowed discounts to make the customer feel like it is a personal gain for them. Additionally, they can help with modes of payment and steps to do them. This is a major benefit for those senior age groups.  

  1. Less Stress

Irrespective of having advanced methods of customer support calls, with the help of overseas operators and automated telephone menus, companies are still facing a lot of lag in their systems because of unhappy customers or frustrated staff. The customers are usually fuming as they have waited too long in a queue to get connected and the staff are frustrated because of the screaming customers. After the introduction of chatbot customer service, a survey proved that the situation had lightened up on both ends.

The speed of service and the efficiency of providing the solutions have not only reduced the number of angry customers but also have restored the faith in them towards the brand. On the other end of the bargain, only a few escalated cases and complex cases are forwarded to the human staff, which has tremendously reduced the frustration for them. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for the company.

  1. No More Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The biggest grievances that the customers have, which are related to the customer service division is the IVR process. Use of IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems in terms of phone calls directed to the customer support teams have not given them the best solutions. With the use of chatbots, the IVR-induced confusion is almost nil. This is because the chatbot provides an instant solution using the keywords structure; there is no pronunciation problems or network issues like in the IVRs. There are also options of preferred languages, which is missing in IVR.

  1. Multiple Roles for a Single Chatbot

The extreme flexibility of the bots permits them to engage with various customers. These customers can be of different levels of the shopping process with varied preferences. They can also swap different roles in the entire process – from being the customer’s chief resource of technical support to a sales representative or even an account manager or sales information. The biggest advantage of all this is that instead of looking for an employee of specific experience in the required field, chatbots can fill in for anyone in any role.  

Chatbots are completely changing the way different brands have started interacting with their customers online. With a high-quality chatbot, the changes are even more significant and positive.  A recent survey by Oracle also proves that nearly 80 per cent of the world leading brands are planning on using chatbots customer service for multi-fold benefits and enhanced user experience. Another survey by Ubisent found that nearly 35 per cent of the customers want many more companies to start using these clever chatbots in customer service. Famous and huge brands like National Geographic and Starbucks have already begun using chatbots to assist them in customer interaction and company sales.


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