5 Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas

Do you own a small business?

Would you like a list of 5 things you can do to get customers coming through your doors?

If so, then give this article a read. In it you’ll discover five simple ideas to keep your business busy all month long.

5 Small Business Marketing Ideas:

Idea #1:Don’t chase new customers.

The easiest way to grow your small business is to stay in touch with your existing customers. Why does this work? Because your current customers already know, like and trust you (assuming you’re doing a good job) which means it’s your duty to let your customers know about more things they may be interested in.

Idea #2: What’s your offer?

What is the most important part of a marketing campaign? The offer. Plain and simple. Which means you must have a drop-dead delicious offer in every piece of marketing you send out. You should offer something that nobody could say no to.

And something else:

Your marketing offer should not be boring either. Get creative with your offers. Offer things your competition would never dream of. And makes sure your offer is something your prospect wants.

Idea #3: Where is your deadline?

Remember this marketing gem… no deadline – no offer. Putting a delicious offer into your small business marketing campaign¬†without¬†a deadline is a big mistake. And it will kill your results. That’s because a deadline gives your prospect an urgent reason to call or drop by your business.

And that’s the ultimate goal of promoting your small business.

Idea #4: Who is reading your marketing message?

The other super important part of a successful marketing campaign is WHO is reading it. Is it someone who has a chance of becoming a paying customer? Do they have money to spend at your business? Would they ever buy what you sell? These are very important questions you need to answer because sending the right message to the wrong person is a formula for failure.

Idea #5: Are you tracking your marketing campaigns?

Can you tell me how well your last marketing campaign worked? Did you keep track of every penny? Do you have clear numbers to support running it again, or dropping it? My point is to get you to see that keeping close tabs on how your advertising performed is extremely important.

Remember if you want to get the most bang from your small business marketing dollars then make sure you follow the five tips above.

They will save you money, time and lots of frustration. And they’ll help you enjoy your business much more instead of banging your head against the wall.


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