7 Compelling Reasons to Use Chatbot Customer Service

Before discussing what these little bots are capable of under the chatbot customer service, here is a definition of what they actually are. A chatbot is a program or software that has the capability to converse with customers through a live chat interface. This interface takes place in the respective brand’s website or applications. There are other platforms like Skype, Slack, Alexa, Facebook Messenger and Siri where the chatbots have… Read Article →

How to Use an Event to Drive in New Customers

The primary goal of an event marketing campaign is to drive in sales. In fact, it is common for an event management company in Singapore and in other parts of globe to have brands as their biggest clients, mainly because business owners see events to be useful in selling their products and services. But how exactly do you use an event to boost business performance, especially in terms of driving… Read Article →

Internet Business Marketing on Budget

Many believe that the most important thing about an Internet business is marketing it. They believe this based on the idea that customers have to visit a website in order to pay for anything on the website. So, the better the marketing, the better the chance of a purchase and in turn a profit. But sometimes marketing can be expensive. Here are some ways to save money on internet business… Read Article →

The Myth Of Small Business Marketing

Do you own and operate a small business? Can your small business handle more new customers? If so, then give this short article a read because it shows you something you must avoid if you have any plans of keeping a steady stream of new customers flowing into your business. You be the judge. Small Business Marketing and a Big Ugly Myth: Ouch. That hurts. No more, PLEASE!!! Those were… Read Article →